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Bezalel Silver Brooch With Turquoise Stone

SKU: EJ.001.
School: Bezalel.
Date: 1906 – 1927 AD.
Stone: Turquoise Stone.
Material: 925 Silver.



Very Fine Bezalel Silver brooch With Turquoise Stone
Signed “Made in Palestine” 1908 – 1929 AD.

Bezalel School
Founded by Boris Schatz in 1906, dreamed of articulating a new visual language for a future Zionist state, and to do this he established an institution in three parts.

A school to attract teachers and students from across the Jewish world; A museum to display works of Art and artifacts as the seeds of a national collection; and a set of workshops of skilled artisans as z source of gainful employment for Jerusalem’s population.

The first years up to the first World War were characterized by a singular energy and creativity that saw an new style,
A blend of Biblical and Zionist iconography in a cocktail of Art Nouveau and Arabesque including souvenirs,
Jewish ceremonial items, vessels, carpets, reliefs, and small wooden plaques portraying scenes of life.

This is apparent in the variety of materials employed-Silver, Copper, Brass, ivory, wood, and terracotta among others and in the diverse techniques- repousse, engraving, etching, filigree, damascene work, And so on.

All the objects are designed and decorated in the finest Bezalel tradition and style,
Combining East and West and representing the revival of art craft work.

In additional to its main premises Bezalel spawned a number of workshops such as Ayala Jerusalem that made metal work, Scharar that also specialized in metalware, a Ceramic workshop producing among other items glazed tiles,
under Eisenberg and Zayit Jerusalem that made products from Olive Wood often With inlays.

Many of the Students and Teachers associated with Bezalel Worked independently.
For Example, Meir Gur, Arieh and Ze’ev Raban set up the workshop for industrial Design in 1923.
Alfred Sazman set up a studio making particularly good quality Damascene metal.

Bezalel closed in 1929 because of mounting economic difficulties, The new Bezalel opening in 1935 and continued to be popular

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Bezalel Silver Brooch With Turquoise Stone

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